Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Can't Psychics Spell? Part III, IV, V!

Maybe they can read palms, but that apparently has no bearing on command of the English language. Each time I come across a psychic advertising their wares, it seems signage goes hand in hand (oh shit, that's funny) with some horrific gaffe in spelling... Is it a trick of the trade? Or does clairvoyance somehow juxtapose with being an idiot savant? Whatever the case, before spending all that dough on signage, you'd think they'd first consult the crystal ball... or at least spell check.First, there was the almighty PLAM READING...And then that famous bed & breakfast, the WALK INN...And now we have Susan, who obviously sees herself as a plural entity, since she and her shadow SPECIALIZE IN... well, obviously not verb tenses, since she also will see what THE FUTURE HOLD FOR YOU. I feel ill... such bad grammar is the work of the devil!At least the Psychic Studio "specializes," but if ya can't spell TAROT, how can you read 'em?What do I fear? Walking that one FLIT up! Curses!ADDENDUM: My friend Denise sent me this from Washington. It's a nationwide scourge! No Appointment Nadfj... oh, whatever, just come on up one FLIT!