Friday, July 16, 2010

Hamptons: A Garage As Art Gallery

Happy as a sea turtle born far from the Gulf Coast to be back in the Hamptons. Frankly, it's not been a particularly positive week, twixt us, cool cats. While so many have been released from the Census, I remain on payroll, but worked all of 10 hours this week. So income is in the macaroni & cheese zone.

Meanwhile, the memoir that I've been working on with Liz Derringer since last summer has reached a critical point in our quest for a publishing deal. Consider that major publishing houses now number along the lines of dominant record labels, in single digits...

Liz and I will deal with that later this weekend. For now, let's relish in a gallery opening in Bridgehampton this evening, hosted by Daria Deshuk, who displayed paintings and photographs in her studio—a converted garage with loft. I wouldn't mind living here for a spell.

Deshuk's works showcase a creepy quality, with exotic dancers that portray dark, unsettling shadows behind. Her best work was barely on display (above left), a collection of New York moments.

On to reality: Best bud Leonard recently connected with my friend Ahmet; he used to live in my building in Brooklyn Heights and now works in the Hamps. Love that they discovered each other... so, meese, fab Allison, Ahmet, Leo.Our hostess Daria Deshuk with friend Michael.The scene inside...And then, din din at Casa de Leo, after the gallery gala. Lovely night, fantastic reconnect with Ahmet, whom, I must admit, ignites my teeth fetish, yes?