Saturday, July 3, 2010

Southampton Style: July 4 Weekend

Food, fun, sun and booze... all that the 4th of July should be... Ayhan and I camped out at Casa de Leonard in Southampton. Friday highlights included a pizza party at the home of Liz D.'s friend Donna—who has an actual brick-oven in her kitchen. Mmm mm!With new bud Cheryl.Saturday highlights included an art gallery opening in Southampton Village... lots of pretty people and some art and stuff, too... Leo and Ayhan prepped and ready...By Dalton Portella.Pretty!With artist Eileen Hickey-Hulme...Eileen was featured in last month's Hampton's Cottages and Gardens.Art action...Onward to an outdoor birthday party with Liz D.It's hot in here! Grrr.With Liz D.Hotter and hotter...With Liz. D and Lauren Roberts.Love the summer style...And... onward to Sunday's BBQ at Leonard's. For once, the camera was stationary, save this one pic. Yikes!