Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Sure Learn A Lot About Your Alleged Best Allies Playing Monopoly

For god's sake, it was Ayhan's idea: "Let's play a board game." After I stopped giggling, I realized he was serious. Monopoly, it is. It must be, geez, 20 years since I've last opened up the box, but of course it's like riding a bike; Free Parking, Boardwalk versus Mediterranean and of course, my icon as the shoe... it all came rushing back.

Man, that was perhaps the shortest game of Monopoly I've ever played. Within an hour, I owned the reds, the greens and the yellows. There was pretty much no hope for Ayhan.

Boy, you sure learn a lot about somebody playing this game. Ayhan has never called me a "jackass" before. And for sure, he's never hollered "Bok ye!" at me. If I hadn't wiped the floor with his butt, I might consider being hurt.