Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big Apple Becomes Big Brother

New York just loves to scold its residents. In a $160,000 ad campaign announced Monday that will appear in subways, the nanny state is nagging consumers that sugar is the devil's nectar. Images show 16 sugar packets poured into a soda bottle; and 26 packets into a cup. Both are repulsively overflowing with fat.

The graphic campaign, which the Health Department insists is meant to dissuade obesity, follows a heavily criticized stomach-wrenching image that inundated unsuspecting New Yorkers a year ago called “Pouring On The Pounds,” depicting a bottle of soda pouring out human fat.

As I've stated, I do not partake in sugar beverages, however, it's up to adults and parents to make suitable decisions—not politicians. Kindly leave us the fuck alone and devote some effort to going after the MTA or reducing unemployment, for a change.

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