Thursday, August 5, 2010

Justin Bieber Scores Bio & Biopic!

Thrilled to hear that not only will Harper Collins publish the "autobiography" of Justin Bieber, but Paramount plans to release a 3D biopic starring the teen singer, who is as talented and famous as Frank Sinatra and much more important in the annals of pop culture history.

I can’t imagine what took so long for these two projects to gain traction. After all, the artist is already 16 and has been famous for almost a year!

Historic milestones along his journey:
* Born in Canada
* Pooped in diapers a lot
* Sucked his thumb
* Learned the alphabet
* Mom refused to pay for haircuts
* Favorite color is white
* Ice cream is good
* Voice never changed
* Usher thought he could make money from him
* He had some pop hits

This unique story is bound to bring him accolades that supersede the all-important Teen Choice Awards he's won or his Philippines' Myx Music Award nomination.Bieber is so talented, in fact, that he's appearing on "CSI." Here, he messes around with a dead body, a physical representation of his career in two years.