Monday, August 9, 2010

Census Report: A 'Left-Handed' Compliment

So as my U.S. Census Bureau co-worker T is processing my near-final dribble of questionnaires coming in for the VDC operation, I’m signing some docs and he remarks, “So you’re left-handed, too.”

I responded, “Isn’t it bizarre just how many Census workers are left-handed? It’s kind of ironic, given that you usually associate left-handers with the creative side—not crunching numbers.”

“Actually,” T says, “It’s not ironic at all. The people in the creative arts are the very ones who have lost their jobs and need to be working at the Census.”

Oops. Indeed.

(Yes, I’m still at the Census. It’s a damn miracle. I apparently managed to align with the right people in my first weeks there—so lucky. With six months logged, I have actually qualified for a new unemployment claim, if need be. Sadly, it looks like need be.)