Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chuckle Conjures Walt Whitman

I'll admit there are a profound number of similarities between Walt Whitman and meese. The writer lived in Brooklyn Heights, where he was editor of the Brooklyn Eagle and worked as a journalist—until he was laid off. He was gay. Whitman was employed at one point as a government clerk, sort of like me and the Census Bureau...

But did I ever think I actually resembled the grizzled dude? Well, no, particularly since I don't like hats so much... But last evening, pal Karine pointed out that a lighted wall hanging at Bowery Poetry Club held an uncanny resemblance to me... and I got it! When I mentioned the likeness while introducing Tinatin, the bartender called out that it was a Lite Brite(!!) image of Walt Whitman. So there you have it. Spooky!