Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear Genevieve: Oh Help Us, Won't You?

Here's one that came totally out of left field. As an HGTV junkie, I cocked a brow at a Facebook post from the show "Dear Genevieve," looking for NYC-area viewers in need of a room makeover. You better believe I jumped on that shit, sending an email confessing that after gut renovating our kitchen bathroom and hallway, just as I had contracted a living room makeover, I got laid off. And poof, that was the end of that.

To my surprise, we heard back from a casting agent within days, requesting photos of 1) us 2) our building and 3) the room in need.

Apparently 1) we were not wholly ghoulish 2) our building, for sure, is a gem and 3) our living room is enough of a dump to merit said makeover.

On Friday, the casting agent and a cameraman came to the apartment and filmed Ayhan and meese walking them around, talking about what we've accomplished— and what desperately needs doing in the worst way. Dear Genevieve, oh, please help us out.

Can you imagine?