Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ECG: To All The Girls I Loved Before

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the ladies of my life… or at least my elementary school days. Great fun seeing all three of my first girlfriends at the high school reunion.

First is Susan Amowitz, who was my sweetheart in… nursery school. Age 4. Yep, I was a stud before I stopped sucking my thumb. We both acknowledge being “each other’s first,” post-toddler style. First time we’ve seen each other in 30 years—and what a wonderful, warm, fun & funny time we had.Third grade, Carol Brooks. We chatted at both the 10th and 20th reunions and had a nice reconnect at the 30th, too. I told her husband, “I set it all up for you, dude. No thanks necessary.”Carolyn Shield, fifth grade’s main squeeze. Actually, this was less of a reunion, since—after nearly three decades—Carolyn came up with Donna Mae Moose to New York last November. So it was more like seeing an old friend… again. Much fun. This time, I met her husband, and told him, “I set it all up for you, dude…” Yeah, why not recycle a good line?Of course, my favorite line to the three ladies: “Wow, it’s so great having all three of you here. Now maybe I can finally figure out which one of you made me gay.” Actually, they all laughed… uh, perhaps not with the same roaring abandon as I… but at least I didn’t get triple bitch slapped.