Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wall $treet Journal At The Right Price

Back in my working days, Nielsen had a perpetual subscription to the Wall Street Journal, which seemingly was addressed to nobody... so I swiped that newspaper as regularly as Justin Bieber pops a new zit. Aside from its ultra-conservative anti-Obama, regressive editorial page, it's the smartest read out there. And you can hold it, even!

As a guy who now scrounges as a mystery shopper and picks up pennies off the street, it's probably little surprise that I also fill out surveys for points ad nauseum for a number of opinion pollsters.

In the past, I've earned amazon.com gift cards and restaurant discounts—valid "prizes"—but I just scored the big daddy bounty: a 26-week subscription to the print edition of WSJ, delivered daily to my door free, cool cats!

Too bad it's nuttin' but bad news about the economy and jobs... but at least I'm a little bit more informed every day now. And considering the amount of web surfing I do daily, that's quite an accomplishment.