Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloomberg Is Arrogant... And Naive!

Ha, ha, ha. Hold on, let me get a hold of myself. Oh, ha, ha, ha, ha. Still trying. Get this one. Billionaire New York dictator Mayor Mike Bloomberg was asked on a WOR-AM radio show over the weekend exactly who is supposed to enforce his civil liberties-eradicating ban on smoking in public spaces such as Times Square, which carries a $50 fine.

His response: The concerned citizens of New York. "The police will not be enforcing this. That's not going to be their job. This is going to be enforced by public pressure. Mainly it's just everybody's going to turn to you and say, 'Hey, you shouldn't be smoking.' And you know, most people listen."
As I see it, that allows carte blanche to complain about any and every minor annoyance that any of the 8 million New Yorkers might commit within my personal space. Now that we're all policing anything offensive, let me get my ticket book ready:

* "Your baby stroller is blocking my way, bitch. Please get a nanny."
* "This subway is crowded. Please take another train so I can sit."
* "You're ugly. Please cover your face."
* "You're fat. Stop eating."
* "You're an arrogant billionaire mayor whose legacy is to strip personal freedom from the citizens of New York. Please leave office."

This city will be whipped into shape in no time!