Thursday, May 12, 2011

Delta Goodrem Electrifies 21 Million Americans On DWTS

Aussie superstar Delta Goodrem has never made good in America, despite two noble major label attempts earlier this decade to break the singer/songwriter. (her "Born To Try" was my No. 1 song of 2003).

But perhaps her fortunes are at last destined to change, after appearing before 21 Americans Wednesday night on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

While I remain completely in the dark about the appeal of watching a bunch of C-listers twirl around in circles, bring it on. Delta first sang a song she wrote, "I'm Not Ready," with Michael Bolton from his upcoming album Gems; and then truly floored the audience with "A Natural Woman."

Adele was originally scheduled to perform the latter song, but she pulled out at the last minute, explaining on the show that she was "knackered" and couldn't reach the high notes, passing the baton to Goodrem. That gave Delta—who looked breathlessly stunning in a dress by Aussie designer Lisa Ho—less than an hour to rehearse a song she had never sung, resulting in a standing ovation from the audience, a flurry of positive Twitter action and tons of media coverage.

Could it be: America will at last get to know one of the most talented singers in the world? Here is her breathtaking performance... Too bad those distracting dancers keep getting in her way!

Thanks, Donna!