Thursday, May 12, 2011

NYC Vintage Image Of The Day: Women's Working Hotel, 1878

In 1877, wealthy merchant A.T. Stewart commissioned the handsome Stewart's Hotel for Working Women at Fourth Avenue (now Park Avenue) between 32nd and 33rd Streets, to provide safe housing for the influx of single working women into New York City. That certainly didn't last long: It was opened in April 1878, closed in May and reopened in June as the Park Avenue Hotel.How about that boffo bedroom?!
Below is an image of the post Working Women's Hotel, as the Park Avenue Hotel, with patriotic bunting and a horse-drawn carriage parked at the entrance. Poor Mr. Stewart; this venture didn't pan out, either. The building was demolished in 1927.
Below is a view from the Park Avenue Hotel rooftop, looking up Park Avenue, with horses and carts ambling the avenue. At the north end is Grand Central Depot, which was torn down for the current Grand Central Terminal in order to handle the onset of electric locomotives.