Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Karine Hannah Releases Music Video To Support Single 'Frida's Sonnet'

Karine Hannah’s new single “Frida’s Sonnet,” is a modern adaptation from the Act One finale of 1995 full-length theatrical production Swedish Style, written by Selcen Pamuk and Ayhan Sahin.
Inspired by the private lives of super-group ABBA, it was deemed "Turkey's first rock opera" by the national press, followed by stagings in nearly a dozen European venues throughout late 1990s.

The Swedish Embassy in Turkey, in fact, was so impressed that they flew Ayhan to Sweden for a one-on-one meet with ABBA founders Benny & Bjorn.

A new accompanying music video filmed by Christopher Holmes in the dead of winter 2011 showcases Karine's rafter-raising vocals, set in a fantasy sequence where she reflects upon the protagonist's enduring feelings for a lover that has since been left in the dust. The backdrop: New York City. Ayhan also makes a cute cameo.

"Frida's Sonnet" has now propelled from the theatrical stage to the world's online stage. You can see the video on YouTube (and, of course, below) and purchase the song on iTunes and amazon.com as a track from Karine's second album for Young Pals Music, Karine. Please, take a look. It's cool (and primarily filmed in our apartment, which looks surreal in this context).