Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Humanity Rules: Mean Bitch Kicked Off Amtrak After 16 Hours On Cell

Score one for humanity! A loud, nasty woman was booted from an Amtrak train by police after she refused to stop talking loudly on her cell phone. KOMO News reports that Lakeysha Beard says she felt "disrespected" when passengers pleaded with her on a quiet car to pipe down during a train ride from Oakland, Calif., to Salem, Oregon, after yammering for a 16-hour stretch.

When she was finally confronted about the loud talking, Beard became "aggressive," according to news reports, and conductors stopped the train so that police could yank her off and charge the beast with disorderly conduct.

Amtrak created quiet cars in 2001. Prominent signage is placed every 5 feet, making it clear: "No cell phones are permitted" and conversation must be kept to a minimum and in hushed tones.

According to The Huffington Post, 79% of those answering a poll were ecstatic that Lakeysha's ass was kicked off the train. I'll 80th that!