Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Alex O'Laughlin: JLo's Hot Co-Star In 'The Backup Plan'

While I've made it pretty clear that Jennifer Lopez is little more than a farce at the musical mic—and don't even get me started on her alleged dance moves—I've always appreciated her as an actress: JLo possesses a sweet humility that balances nicely against her inarguable beauty.  

Monster-In-Law with Jane Fonda remains a house favorite, while Maid In Manhattan with Ralph Fiennes was cute enough.

Just caught JLo's latest flick The Backup Plan from 2010 and while predictable, it's plenty amusing to maintain interest, but the more urgent question: Who the hell is her hottie co-star?

I'd never heard of Aussie Alex O'Loughlin, since he's starred in three TV series I've never seen: The Shield, Moonlight and Three Rivers. He's now lead Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O , a hit 2011 serial for CBS—which again, isn't on my Tivo playlist.

Now that I've seen his moves in The Backup Plan, I'm willing to get to know him a lot better.