Friday, May 20, 2011

Sheena Easton Screwed By Caesars Palace: What Would Celine Say?

Despite Caesars Palace's exceptional taste (and savvy bookkeeping) for bringing Celine Dion back for a three-year run that began in March, the colossal corporation is allegedly not as fair to all its musical talent.

While Elton John and Bette Midler have also enjoyed lengthy stays at the 4,000-seat Colosseum at Caesars Palace, its more humble 175-seat venue Cleopatras Barge had signed on Sheena Easton for a one-year residence, performing six shows a week, beginning in November 2010.

But according to a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Las Vegas, Caesars unceremoniously terminated the contract for Sheena last September. Producer Joseph Battig claims he lost a deal valued at more than $1 million as a result. In addition, Easton was paid $60,000 upfront, and allegedly has refused to return $35,000 of the guarantee payment. Oops.
The suit says the deal would have generated a net profit for Battig of more than $1 million, even after paying Easton, as Caesars agreed to pay Battig $57 per $60 show ticket. Caesars Palace would have retained $3 per ticket and booze sales.

Whatever the case, the idea of one-stop shopping at Caesars Palace—seeing the two greatest singers of all time in the same venue within the same visit—is enough to bring me to tears. Oh, sigh.