Friday, October 21, 2011

GOP Hopeful Herman Cain: Homosexuality Is A 'Sin' & 'A Choice'

A month ago, I wrote a long-winded blog post with my acidic views on every G.O.P candidate that hopes to carry the nation back in time 50 or so years. I decided to leave it in draft mode, figuring that at least half of the blowhards would be no-name footnotes within the month.

The one I labeled least likely to succeed: Herman Cain. But unfortunately, this guy continues to rally with his hideous views amid the 12389749817435 Republican debates that I simply cannot stomach (there's a new season of HGTV, after all).

This week on Piers Morgan, he made a backward statement that I simply can't ignore, proving that this guy is not only out of touch with anyone born after 1910, but he's outright dangerous. Morgan asked Cain about his view that homosexuality is a sin. This black guy said, "It's a sin because of my Biblical beliefs. I think it is a choice. I respect their right to make that choice. You don't see me bashing them or anything. I don't have to agree with it."

Morgan responded, "It would be like a gay person saying, Herman, you made a choice to be black" to which the radical conservative said, "You know that’s not the case. You know I was born black." As if gays are not.

Black & gay Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart wrote, "Just as Morgan argued in his questioning, a gay person no more wakes up in the morning saying, 'I quite fancy being a homosexual today' than a black person chooses to be black. Being black or being gay are immutable, God-given traits. And yet I and millions of others have had to contend with the bigotry, hate or indifference from people who have a problem with one or both of my identities. For Cain to insist I can change my sexual orientation despite evidence to the contrary is further evidence that this man running for the privilege of sitting in the Oval Office should come nowhere near it. Ever."

Agreed. I'm terrified that such a man could occupy a position of national leadership. God help us.