Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yee-Haw: Stepping Back Onto The Soapbox | iPhone Bow Hardly Wows

Last year, I had a six-month subscription to The Wall Street Journal, which, despite its egregious political bent one baby step to the left of Fox News ("Rain Forecast: Obama's Fault"), it's the best daily read there is.

A lot of the fodder for discussion on The Smoking Nun came from stories that fired me up—one way or the other—from the Journal. And now... it's back. Thanks to eight months worth of filling out surveys for e-Rewards, I accumulated enough points for a second free six-month sub. Let the games begin...

In the news: Psych! Tuesday's new iPhone bow was anything but a wow. Despite months of persistent rumors attesting to a bigger screen for the iPhone5 and its ability to cook up eggs and sausage, the announcement from new CEO Tim Cook was perhaps less than revolutionary. But there are advances...

The "new" iPhone4S allegedly offers faster download speeds, an 8 mp camera (which pretty much spells an end to the pocket point-and-shoot digital camera era), 1080 HD Video, more storage and voice command technology ("talking instead of typing")—however, it makes no momentous strides against the quickly growing field of comparable Google Android competitors.

Already, 42% of the smartphone market utilizes Android, to Apple's 27%, thanks to prices much lower than the iPhone's steep $199-$399 price point. Many of its competitors also offer a 4+-inch screen, compared with iPhone's 3.5 incher.

Despite the overall disappointment with Tuesday's announcement, the company sold 22 million units for the quarter ending in September and is expected to sell 25 million more by year-end. My Verizon Wireless two-year contract is up for renewal in November. Will I finally make the move to an iPhone? In all likelihood, you betcha.