Thursday, October 20, 2011

Steve Jobs Covers 'People' Mag: A Profound Pop Culture Hero

People magazine has a long history of honoring dead folks by putting them on the cover. But typically, the mag is dedicated to celebrities—so the fact that the Oct. 24, 2011 cover is dedicated to Steve Jobs demonstrates just how profound the former Apple chief's impact was not only on business and technology, but pop culture.

Indeed, Jobs, who died Oct. 5 at age 56 after a seven-year battle with pancreatic cancer, changed the world for the vast majority of us.

Looking around my office, how many Apple devices are there in this room alone? My 2.5-year-old Powerbook laptop that I practically sleep with (my third), a 6-year-old iMac (third), an iPod (fourth), iPod Mini, two iPod Shuffles and a 6-year-old laptop that still holds hundreds of cataloged digital photos and music.... with an iPhone on the shopping list. Jobs' touch is pervasive. He truly was a thinking man's hero.