Sunday, October 23, 2011

Archie (Original) Is In The House

All my life, I've been a huge fan of Archie Comics... I've posted plenty here about new gay character Kevin Keller and the recent nuptials between Archie & Veronica... uh, and Archie & Betty. In fact, my kitchen is a mini gallery of Archie memorabilia, with a calendar, button, magnets, Archie bendie and an Archie bobblehead.

It's my one nod to childhood—and yet, with development of a gay comic character, the franchise remains relevant, if not socially significant in my adult life.

Yesterday, buds Bobby & Timmy came to BK and brought a precious gift. Bob is developing his own gay sports comic strip "Casey At the Bat," and attended the ginormous Comic Con geek gathering earlier this month in New York. There, he met Archie illustrator Dan Parent, and Bobby asked him to draw Archie for me. Parent actually completed the sketch overnight, colored it in and Bobby returned the following day to retrieve. Signed and everything. So precious to meese. Thank you, Bobby!