Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brooklyn Republic Vodka: BK Scores Its Own Branded Booze

In 2010, Kings County Distillery and Breuckelen Distilling Co., became the first distillers to open their doors in New York City since Prohibition. And now those with a practiced appreciation for fine spirits can welcome Brooklyn Republic Vodka to the neighborhood.

Brooklyn is America's fourth-largest city, so it only makes sense that we have our own branded booze, right? Brooklyn Republic is distilled in Clinton Hill, BK, by Brooklyn Spirits, founded by Eastern Euro immigrants Gary Shokin & Mark Krupkin, and Shokin’s daughter, Kary Laskin.

The family says: "Brooklyn is more than where we live; it's who we are. Authenticity and originality are at their purest forms in Kings County and the people, cultures, history and experiences found here inspire us every day."

BK Republic is purified with Brooklyn water "known for its refreshing sweetness" (who knew? I thought the water just tasted like... water), then goes through a proprietary process that turns it into a fine 80 proof bottle of hooch.

Natch, the product already has its own Facebook page. Since launching in April, Brooklyn Republic Vodka is now available in more than 300 stores and bars throughout NYC. The retail price for a 750 ml bottle of Brooklyn Republic Vodka is $23. How sweet is!