Friday, October 14, 2011

Hu$tling To Make A Living

Miss me much? Even amid the heart-wrenching separation from my partner of 10 years two weeks ago, I have tried to maintain at least one post a day on my pal The Smoking Nun. Today, I have been working on a freelance assignment of such gargantuan proportion that I actually missed my deadline—something that no matter how much I might procrastinate here and again, I never allow to happen (I got an extension until noon Saturday, thank heavens).

This gig was a godsend, distracting me from being a sad sack, post D-I-V-O-R-C-E, and I have been working like a madman, writing 100 mini bios for a trade publication, which became much more labor intensive than I imagined because of a vile battle with Excel. Who the hell ever deemed that the industry standard for spreadsheets? It could not be more user-unfriendly.

I was at my desk at 5:15 this morning and now, 17 hours later, I have at last finished the draft, et al. Saturday I'll start anew, giving all a crisp proof, edit and critical read before I send it away. If I successfully deliver, this could lead to semi-regular assignments—essential now that I've lost the rent $$$ from my partner. My career as a freelance journo is launching into uber-mega-high-hustle gear. I've also renewed my commitment to mystery shopping. There you have my two cents for the day, cool cats.