Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Start Hoarding Forever Stamps: USPS Hiking Stamps 1 Penny

The struggling United States Post Office will raise the price of a first-class stamp by one penny Jan. 22. That means it'll cost 45 cents to continue never sending checks or greeting cards in the mail.

USPS hiked stamp prices two-and-a-half years ago, but believe it or not, the 1-cent increase is expected to bring in around $888 million to the USPS, which was $10 billion in the hole last year. The windfall must be from all those geeks selling shit on ebay.

The other ways the postal increase will never impact your daily life: Postcards that you never think to send while on vacation: A 3-cent increase to 32 cents. Letters to Celine Dion in Canada and gang members in Mexico: a 5-cent increase to 85 cents. Other international destinations: A 7-cent increase to $1.05. The cost of sending magazines, standard mail and package services will also rise, but prices for Express Mail and Priority Mail will stay the same.

The USPS wants Congress to end Saturday mail deliveries, close post offices and hike stamps more. A penny increase per stamp is okay by me, but cutting service on Saturdays just means Mondays will suck for postal carriers, who will then sue the government because their backs hurt. Ain't it always something.