Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sheena Easton: The Singles Of 1982 | 'You Could Have Been With Me'

Following the success of her debut self-titled album Sheena Easton in 1981—which fostered the No. 1 "Morning Train" and rush-released No. 18 "Modern Girl," before the mammoth summer James Bond soundtrack hit "For Your Eyes Only"—EMI released Sheena's follow-up album You Could Have Been With Me.

Overseas, fun uptempo "Just Another Broken Heart" went to radio," while the States was indulged with the lush power ballad title track, which hit a tenable No. 15. Then, the song "When He Shines"—which appeared on her first album (titled Take My Time) in the U.K., but was held for YCHBwM in the U.S.—became her second single here, peaking at a tepid No. 30 on the singles chart.

Sadly, the album was chock full of potential hits, including the dance-worthy "A Little Tenderness," which was released in some territories, and melancholy "I'm Not Worth the Hurt." But EMI seemingly surrendered after "Shines" failed to make more headway and the album was all but scrapped, capping 1982 for Sheena. Unfortunately, 1983 was destined to be more dismal, potentially ending Easton's pop career... until a fateful save by Kenny Rogers.

And below is why I was so entranced with Sheena Easton's voice: Listen to the purity and command she has as she sings to Bob Hope. She first sings "Just One Smile," then a jaw-dropping sweet version of "When He Shines." RARE, albeit lo-fi!