Friday, May 6, 2011

2010's Top Baby Names: Reality Whores Curse New Generation

The Social Security Administration has released its 2010 list of the most popular American baby names. Bless your hearts, little ones, for having parents as short-sighted as those born in the mid-1970s named Farrah.

Topping the list for the second consecutive year are two names from the Twilight movie series: Isabella for girls and Jacob for boys. It gets worse: Jayden, one of Britney Spears' sons, is fourth for dudes, while the "top-trending" names are Maci and Bentley, mom and son characters from trashy reality series "Teen Mom." Kellan, another character in Twilight, is the second-biggest trending boys' name.

Perhaps there's one bit of good news: Elvis dropped out of the top 1000 for the first time since the lists was compiled, in 1879.