Friday, May 6, 2011

'Hamptons Artists: Then & Now' @ Gerald Peters Gallery

Thursday evening Leonard treated meese to the opening of "Hamptons Artists: Then and Now" at the Gerald Peters Gallery on New York's Upper East Side. The joint was mobbed with a colorful crowd of New Yorkers and many acquaintances (and longtime allies of Leo's) from the Hamps.

In fact, I must admit that the artwork along the walls was a distraction compared to the beautifully adorned intelligentsia of Long Island's South Fork creative community.

The exhibit lauds more than 30 Hampton's talents, spanning six decades of modern art, including Jackson Pollack, Larry Rivers, Nan Goldin, Dan Rizzie and Karyn Mannix. It runs through June 3.
Below... is a sculpture. This chickie is not real. But the flesh tones, down to veins and freckles on her legs were so damn convincing, you just wanted to touch her to see if she'd jump. Freaky.
The beautiful pepes...
I told the gentleman on the right that his hair is a work of art... top left: Leo and meese with Hamptons artist Eileen Hickey-Hume, bottom left, Leo with the exhibit's curators.

Oh yeah, there was art, too...
Left: Leo with lifetime friend David Bard, grandson of David Bard senior, an original owner of the Hotel Chelsea, where Leonard grew up. Right: With artist Kimberly Goff, the daughter of (late) art dealer Elaine Benson, whose Bridgehampton gallery was the definitive showcase for local Hamptons artists.