Thursday, September 15, 2011

15 Reasons Why N.C.'s Constitutional Ban Of Gay Marriage Outranks Any Other Issue (Like Its Staggering Unemployment & Foreclosures)

As the United States slides into another recession
* and one in six Americans live in poverty
* and the unemployment rate is locked at 9.1%
* and feds are grid-locked in anti-Obama obsession
* and home foreclosures are up 47% over 2010
* and those who have lost health insurance reach a 20-year high
* and Virginia essentially outlaws legal abortions
* and the U.S. Postal Service is in shambles
* and the global economy is in danger of collapse
* and the stock market is a fraying yo-yo
* and gas prices continue to hover around $4 a gallon nationwide
* and John Boehner blasts Obama's American Jobs Act with no ideas of his own
* and troops are perpetually trapped in a bloody mess in Afghanistan
* and SAT scores hit an historic low among dim-witted, text-happy U.S. high-schoolers
* and top GOP prez candidate Rick Perry is more frightening than Jerry Falwell

...What a relief that politicos in North Carolina, the 10th largest state in America, are focused on insuring that gay constituents will never have the same rights as heteros. On Tuesday, N.C.'s House fast-tracked a bill to ban same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

The referendum will appear on the May 2012 N.C. primary ballot—despite the fact that same-sex marriage is already prohibited. Statutes already dictate marriage must be between a man and woman. State law already prevents same-sex marriages performed in any other state from being recognized.

But let's keep our priorities in order. North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast that does not ban gay marriage in its constitution. That's obviously more important than the fact that unemployment there is an entire percentage point higher than the national average, at 10.1% (and the ninth-highest in the nation) and N.C. is ranked 17th in home foreclosures.

Heaven knows, assisting those who suffered $12 million in damages from Hurricane Irene is a distant memory... Oh my lord have mercy, if the south indeed rises again, we're all damned, for sure.
I sure hope that three hours of research and writing has some impact.