Monday, September 5, 2011

FIre Island: Labor Day Weekend/Sunny Holiday Monday

Man, oh man, what a beautiful Labor Day weekend at Fire Island. I could not have asked for a more perfect holiday to—sigh—cap the summer of 2011.
Gene & Steve have been together since 1969—42 years! They decided over the past month that with marriage equality now a legal reality in the state of New York, they will marry next Aug. 18, in Fire Island. We made a stop by the home of their friend Willie to case the joint and begin figuring out logistics. How could I not have teared up?

Views of downtown Fire Island Grove...

Mercy, almighty... Grade-A gay beefcake... What a blessed world we live in.
Cute boys brunching...More mature boys brunching...
Ironically, cutie Evan, whom I photographed on the ferry ride to Fire Island—and saw Friday and Saturday nights—was on the same train back to the city.
Farewell, Fire Island, for now... Sweet sigh...
Below is Willie's home, where Gene & Steve's nuptials will be held next August.