Tuesday, September 6, 2011

U.S. Politics: To Hell In A G.O.P. Handbasket

According to a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday, Americans think little of the stagnation in Washington. Surprise!

President Obama's approval rating is at its worst ever, with 37% believinghe has a clue about how to handle the economy. That's a six-point drop since July.

But more relevant is that 82% of those polled disapprove of the job Congress is doing—the highest number ever recorded in the poll. Some 47% say they'd like to give a "new person" a chance in the upcoming election, compared to 42% who would prefer to stick with their current representative. I've got two words for the bozos on the Hill: TERM LIMITS.

It's obvious what Washington has become: Republicans' single motive is to disagree with Obama, at whatever cost to the nation: to oust him after one term. Obama, meanwhile, cannot seem to get it through his head that "bi-partisan politics" are a farce. Because he refuses to dare stand by what he once claimed he believes, he has failed as a leader.

Equally frightening, early numbers for the Republican presidential nomination place monster Rick Perry ahead of Mitt Romney, 38% to 23%. The rest of the dim pack: Ron Paul (9%), Michele Bachmann (8%) and Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain (5%).

The good news: While Perry currently appears to be the candidate to beat in the GOP field, he's not as strong as Romney or a "generic" Republican when pitted against Obama. The poll claims Perry would lose to Obama in a match-up, 42% to 47%. That said, Obama would lose to a "generic" GOP candidate, 40% to 44%. Heaven help us all.