Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fire Island: Labor Day Weekend/Friday

For Labor Day weekend, I took the Long Island Railroad Friday at 2:30p to Fire Island—about the gayest destination on the planet. And just like New York, all melodramatic reports of Hurricane Irene's decimation were purely fictional. Apparently, a couple parking lots flooded on the other side of the bay, but the delicate cottages in the Grove were able to bare 60 mph winds just fine...

Off we go... hopefully a weekend packed with hot guys... And below, a sign of good things to come: Meet Evan.
This time, we're staying with longtime friends Gene & Steve... And Friday was Gene's birthday! Above, he takes their pussy Byron for a walk... yes, on a leash. Already, this cat has swiped at me twice, hissing and drawing blood on my ankle. Further evidence that cats are disciples of the devil.
Friday night... the Underwear Party at Ice Palace!! I have no problem taking off my britches... but I'm not about to parade in public without a shirt. I've pretty much held that conviction since I was 18... And so wearing a t-shirt and festive turquoise boxer briefs, I had an almighty time... and with so much flesh all around, I felt like I was in the midst of a gay porn flick. Ooh la la.
Originally, the weekend forecast was rain, rain, rain. As of tonight, it's looking more promising, with scattered showers here and there. In any case, what a wondrous way to bid farewell to the passing of another summer. Big sigh... bigger grin.