Monday, September 19, 2011

Brad Pitt Talks Marriage Equality in 'Parade' Cover Story

Brad Pitt to the World: 'Open Your Eyes'
Brad Pitt in Sunday's super-conservative Parade. (Thank you, thank you!):  “Can you believe that we’re still fighting for equality in America? To be against marriage for everyone is discrimination.

It is an amazing thing that New York has finally gotten same-sex marriage. But the real problem is that the federal government hides behind states on this issue. It is blatant, ugly bigotry. You’re denying some Americans the right that all Americans have, to live their lives as they choose.

What are you so afraid of? That’s my question. Gay people getting married? What is so scary about that?

You grow up in a religion and you try to pray the gay away. I feel sadness for people like that. This is where people start short-circuiting—instead of being brave and questioning their beliefs, they are afraid and feel they have to defend them. There are some beautiful tenets within all religions. What I get hot about is when they start dictating how other people must live. People suffer because of it. They are spreading misery."