Thursday, September 22, 2011

NITWIT! | 'The Insider's' Christina McLarty Interviewing Celine Dion

This is one Celine Dion interview you've got to see—naw, not because of anything Celine says... but because The Insider's Christina McLarty is such an embecilic bubblehead. Come on, when you send a staffer to interview Dion, it helps if they have half a brain. (Interview is here.)

ADENDUM: Interesting, what was shown on TV Thursday evening was cut and chopped without ever showing the interview that is posted online... apparently producers recognized that McLarty was too idiotic for pre-prime time...)

The half-wit opens the by saying, "Without blowing your head up, you're one of the greatest singers in the world." Yowsah! McLarty then asks, "How do you do it all (giggle giggle). You are a multi-tasker, talented singer, mother, you have a fragrance [uh, Celine has an empire comprising 14 best-selling perfumes, nitwit]... how do you do it all?"

Celine responds that it's great to be a mom and have a career, etc. etc. and the nincompoop responds, "That's so sweet." Good god, almighty, do you think you're interviewing a 13-year-old? There comes a point in the segment where Celine stops maintaining eye contact with McLarty, likely thinking, "Rescue me, Rene!"
A little research reveals that McLarty is the niece of Bill Clinton's former White House chief of staff Mack McLarty, thus her nepotistic connection to having a job. She previously worked as a show biz reporter at L.A.'s CBS2/KCAL9, and in her free time "enjoys cooking, reading, checking out the local farmers markets and tending to her 4-year-old Basset Hound." I have a feeling she reads about as much as Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, Celine graces yet another magazine cover: Canada's Hello!, featuring her outfit from the recent Andrea Bocelli concert in Central Park.