Monday, September 12, 2011

George Clooney Has New Gal Pal Beard | Press Promptly Laps It Up

George Clooney and his latest beard, former wrestler(!) Stacy Keibler came close enough to looking affectionate at the Toronto International Film Festival last week for the media to go stark raving fucking mad. Look, they're almost holding hands! It's ON!

E! Online is already frothing that it looks like the happy couple may be "getting serious." A Washington Post blog squeals that they've gone public! People confides they're "still dating." And Yahoo! drooled that, oh my stars, "they're looking really happy.

Honey, please! Even if Clooney doesn't want to tap dance out of the closet anytime soon, do we have to keep reading these constant fabrications that whomever he selects as his Female Mate Of The Month has an iota to do with bromance romance?

Hopefully, Stacy learned a valuable lesson from Elisabetta Canalis, who broke the contract rules in June when she talked marriage to the press. Oops. Good luck, girlfriend (Keibler, not Clooney).