Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Smoking Nun August 2011 Daily Feature Poll: And The Results Are...

Last month, we posted a poll on The Smoking Nun in the interest of evolution.

For the past several months, I've enjoyed posting a morning NYC Vintage Image of the Day, along with our weekend Model Perfect hot guy feature, the usual photo journal, occasional features about music and rants & raves about pop culture, politics, the dismal economy and so on...

In our poll, we queried about whether there was any particular interest in one of three daily features: NYC Vintage Image, Hot Guys or a Smoking Nun take on Radio & Records. There wasn't. At all. Over the course of three weeks, 26 unique votes were cast.

Radio & Records garnered 17 votes (65%), NYC Vintage 12 votes (46%), and Model Perfect: Hot Men tied with the riveting option of "Other," with 2 votes each. A combo of all fostered 4 votes (15%).

And so the results are... fuck it. As you can see below, the most popular posts on The Smoking Nun over the past month—aside from a legitimate review of Darren Hayes' new single "Black Out the Sun"—are about Rodiney Santiago and William Levy. I'll be taking a moment now. What the hell am I doing here?