Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 2011 Jobs Report Redux: BIG FAT ZERO

Labor Day, indeed. The White House reacted to the latest unemployment report to smack down President Obama Friday, issuing a brief statement noting unemployment remains "unacceptably high." Why, how empowering that is.

As we reported Friday, the number of unemployed persons, at 14 million, was unchanged in August, as the unemployment rate held at 9.1%. The rate has shown little movement since April.

The number of long-term unemployed (27 weeks and over) was locked tight at 6 million in August and accounted for 42.9% of the unemployed.

Mr. President, please stop yammering about offering companies incentives, when it's clear they have no intention of hiring, and get to the heart of the matter: the actual unemployed, who have surrendered hope they will ever work again. Remember "The New Deal"? It was about creating new jobs...

And more important, stop cowering to the Republicans, whose single interest anyway is to make you look like a failure. It's high time to find your mojo and show that you are the leader we thought we elected.