Sunday, September 11, 2011

R.I.P. Oscar- And Emmy-Winning Actor Cliff Robertson

Oscar/Emmy-winning actor Cliff Robertson has died—a day after his 88th birthday.

After attending New York's Actor's Studio, Robertson acted in 60 movies over 50 years, including numerous war movies, most notably 1963's PT 109, in which he played John F. Kennedy. It's said JFK gave a nod to Robertson portraying him.

I remember watching Cliff with Joan Crawford in 1956 bizarro flick Autumn Leaves, in which spinster Millie (18 years his senior in real life) marries charming young Burt, just before he goes mental cause he's buried memories of his ex-wife screwing his pop (Lorne Greene). Millie sends Burt to the loony bin and he returns a new man... and love endures! Hurrah... and ewww!

Robertson won the Academy Award for his portrayal of a mentally retarded janitor in 1968's fascinating, if heartbreaking Charly—in which he undergoes an experimental brain operation that increases his IQ but the life-altering changes ultimately fade to black... More recently, he played Uncle Ben Parker in the Spider-Man films.

Not only was Robertson one of Hollywood's most handsome in his day, but he always carried himself with dignity—despite being passed over time and again to become an A-lister. R.I.P.