Friday, September 9, 2011

Drunk Moose Gets Stuck In Apple Tree, Then Stays For Open Bar

A happy-as-hell moose getting stewed on fermented apples apparently lost its footing and got herself lodged in the fruit tree. When Per Johansson of Saro, Sweden, returned home from work, he says he heard helpless moaning sounds.

"It was raining really bad. In the wind I heard something screaming with a very dark voice," Johansson told CNN. "At first I wondered if it was the crazy neighbors, but then I saw something really big up in a tree. It was a moose."

After alerting local fire, police and rescue departments, the drunken female moose was dislodged by sawing off tree branches. Anders Gardhagen with the Gothenburg Fire & Rescue Services, added, "Once free, the moose collapsed on the ground and fell asleep. So we let him sleep it off and went back home."

Further, recognizing that an open bar is nothing to scoff at, the moose remained in Johansson’s garden for several days: "When I went out for the newspaper it was still laying on the ground, sleeping. By the time I left for work it was walking around the neighbor's yard on very shaky legs." Apparently, moose are attracted by apples, which ferment in their bellies, causing them to tie one on.

Johansson's 11-year-old son took photos hoping to sell them to buy a Playstation. CNN purchased three of the pics.