Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Archie Comics: I'm So Confused... He's Married Veronica & Betty!

This is just too much change for me to take... Sigh... As my childhood fave Archie Comics becomes one of few long-lived comic strips that dares to move it characters forward, they've come up with a bizarro treatment in which Archie marries Veronica and goes to work for his papa-in-law at Lodge Industries... as does Ronnie. Conflict ensues. Now she's pregnant with twins...

No, wait. In a parallel series, Archie Marries Betty and the newlyweds move from Riverdale to New York City to pursue their grown-up dreams. Ah, that sounds better... Oh, no, their former high school teacher Miss Grundy has dropped dead.

Too much reality. Make it stop. Where's my youth-protected force field of the simple life? Then again, Archie Comics has introduced gay character Kevin Keller. Okay, I'm breathing again.