Friday, July 6, 2012

4th Of July: A Spontaneous Holiday Soirée

With Alicee visiting from Florida, we spent dayz trying to figure out what to do for the 4th of July... since Macy's, for the fourth year in a row, insisted on hosting its annual fireworks spectacular over the Hudson instead of the east side of New York, the way it was for more than three decades. Fuckers...

At last, we agreed that we kinda sorta didn't give a flip about the madness of the fireworks. Can you imagine traveling to join tens of thousands in 90+ degree heat, just to watch 30 minutes of the same ole... only to make that same trip back with tens of thousands of flop-soaked sweaty, stinky New Yorkers? Not so fun, right?

So instead, in the eleventh hour, we called the other July 4th orphans we knew: Leonard and his friend Thomas, Ayhan, Donna and her pal Ty. Suddenly, we were hosting a party, something I've had a good bit of experience doing over the years. With a quick sweep to straighten up the apartment, a couple stops to the grocery and liquor store for supplies, NOW it felt like a holiday. Whiz, bang, pop! A good time was had by all. So bite me, Macy's! *