Thursday, July 5, 2012

'Magic Mike' Delivers... I'd Grade It 'Ooh La La'

Score!! The first movie of 2012 I've seen in a theater was as much fun as I'd hoped. Magic Mike delivers tons of A&A (abs and ass), with sexy dance routines and more than enough gratuitous physical male beauty. It's about time the playing field was equalized, huh?

As expected, the "plot" about Channing Tatum and his love interest was a needless distraction... and I remain dumbfounded at just how wholly unappealing female lead Cody Horn is. Amid so much machismo, it was distracting to have to gaze at her horse face in every other scene. Of course, it all makes sense when you discover that Horn's father is chairman of Walt Disney Studios and was previously president of Warner Bros. Hello, nepotism.

Ah, but the scintillating charms of easy on the eyes Matthew McConaughey, a surprsingly beautiful Alex Pettyfer, pretty boy Matt Bomer, handsome Channing, smoking Adam Rodriguez... and of course my man Joe Manganiello, which all made up for such a slight distraction. The flick is indeed fun, sexy and effectively delivered, so you don't feel like you contributed cash for a soft porn extravaganza that is as dim-witted as a Nicki Minaj song. Good times! *