Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Prez Dan Cathy's Homophobia Bites Him In The Ass

Oh, poor, misguided codger Dan Cathy. The Chick-fil-A president's recent homophobic comments against same-sex marriage aren't sitting so well with a United States that has grown much less tolerant of the old guard's wearisome tirades against gays... because the Bible tells them so.

In addition to The Jim Henson Co.'s Muppets pulling its toys from the fast-food chain and seguing its financial support to GLAAD, Jon Stewart devoted an entire episode of The Daily Show to Chick-Fil-A's bombastic absurdity, alongside the Boys Scouts of America's proclamation that open gays are unwelcome.

And now, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has fired off a letter to Cathy (god, I love that name!) urging him to stay the fuck out of his city: "In recent days you said Chick-fil-A opposes same-sex marriage and said the generation that supports it has 'an arrogant attitude,'" he began.

"Now, incredibly, your company says you are backing out of the same-sex marriage debate. I urge you to back out of your plans to locate in Boston. We are indeed full of pride for our support of same sex marriage and our work to expand freedom to all people."

In a radio interview, Cathy continued to put a big chicken bone up his ass when he whined, " I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. I pray God's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about."

His original bullhorn tirade against gays went like this: "We are very much supportive of the family, the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that."

Oh, broooother... That collective "we being married to our first wives"... That's a good one! As if all stalwort Christian soldiers never divorce. Funny, I could swear that the 50% D-I-V-O-R-C-E rate in American struck a majority of said Christians. What a bunch of chicken-shit...

Meanwhile, former Arkansas Governor and one-time Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee showed what an antiquated fathead he is by supporting Chick-fil-A's stance. He whined that he is "incensed at the vitriolic assaults on Chick Fil-A. Too often, those on the left make corporate statements to show support for same sex marriage, abortion or profanity, but if Christians affirm traditional values, we're considered homophobic, fundamentalists, hate-mongers and intolerant."

Oh, dear God. In one more generation forward, these kinds of comments are going to horrify what I count on to be a United States that stands for equality. But it's reassuring that already, such rhetoric sounds like a dinosaur brigade. Let's hope they're all soon extinct. *