Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thrill Ride: 'Political Animals' With Sigourney Weaver

The new six-part summer series "Political Animals" on USA Network is the most powerful new TV show I've seen in a camel's hump... better than Aaron Sorkin's patience-trying "The Newsroom" on HBO and as good as HBO's riveting film-doc "Game Change," the all-too-true story of Sarah Palin.

This time we're talking about a "fictional" female politico who was married to the former President of the United States and is now Secretary of State under a new administration (with the Prez played by ever-handsome Adrian Pasdar). Hmmm, where I have heard this one before?

Like Hillary Clinton, lead Sigourney Weaver is tough as steel, no nonsense and full of piss & vinegar (and she smokes cigarettes: scandalous!). She also has a gay son, who was outed when papa was President (I'm seeing age-old visions of Jimmy Carter's daughter, Amy. Hello first gay kid of a President?!). Unfortunately, gay son (played by sexy Sebastian Stan) is a fucked-up druggie of a character. Playing her mama is a fabulously boozing Ellen Burstyn.

At the end of the premiere, Weaver has had enough of the current pussy Prez (Pasdar) and makes the decision to run again herself. It's going to be a thrill ride to see where this goes, as "Political Animals" weaves the dysfunctional of family with the equally dysfunctional U.S. political arena.

Next week, according to the preview, we also see her gay son making out with another man... I continue to be amazed that showing two men kissing has finally passed muster on American television, when not more than two years ago, advertisers were still yanking ads at the very thought of two men brushing skin to skin. The world is certainly evolving.  Good summer fun, this is. *