Friday, July 13, 2012

Nanny State: Santa Monica Bans Smoking IN YOUR OWN HOME

While smoking is already banned at beaches, parks, restaurants and near buildings in Santa Monica, Calif., the municipality's Nanny State City Council has now voted to ban a wholly legal activity: smoking in your own home!

The frightening new civil liberties-sucking ordinance says that all new tenants of apartments and condos are committing a crime by lighting up in their own living rooms...

There's an even more sinister ordinance requiring residents in their current multi-unit homes to officially designate their homes as "smoking" or "non smoking." Once declared non-smoking, the mandate can never be changed, even if you move!

As usual, "public health" is the battle cry, though what the law actually does is cater to the whims of extremists who are determined to stamp out adults' personal choices. I'm sure NYC Mayor Bloomberg is having a hissy tantrum that he didn't get such a law passed in New York first (he's trying, believe me).

"People have come to testify to city council about asthma problems, people who had no prior health problems who developed health problems because their neighbors smoke," said one official.

Let's see... so that means if I don't like the smell of bacon emanating from my downstairs neighbor, I can simply claim that it makes me ill and boom! A law is in place. I don't smell smoke... I sniff bullshit.

I can only imagine what's next as the slippery slope of making legal activities taboo continues to gain momentum. Pretty soon, I'm sure that there won't be a single food, beverage, word, body function or bad habit that is tolerated without legislation. Welcome to 1984, Big Brothers. *