Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bad Idea? Cult Classic 'Baby Jane' Due For A Remake

Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone. Do we really need a new version of the camp classic Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, the 1962 laugh-out-loud dramedy that starred a gruesome Bette Davis and Joan Crawford? Of course, making that flick all the more delicious is that the two former A-listers utterly detested one another...

The Hollywood Reporter shares that the movie is due for a remake written and directed by Walter Hill. Wild speculation about who will be tapped to play drunken former child star Baby Jane Hudson and her oh-so-kind & crippled sister Blanche is ensuing.

Hill says, "The two equal leads demand great performers—that is a given. The intensity of the gothic storyline makes a reconfiguration of the drama still a potentially searing experience. The idea is to make a modern film without modernizing the period. It needs to resonate the golden age of Hollywood."

Since these are hardly "glamorous" roles, what former Tinseltown babes are going to be willing to become the laughing stock of the nation? Cher, anyone? Michelle Pfeiffer? Hey, how about Bruce Jenner?!... Butcha arrrrrre, Blanche, ya arrrre! *