Saturday, July 21, 2012

NBC's 'The New Normal': Sounds Like A Stinker To Me

NBC's The New Normal, which launches Sept. 11, may be carrying the notion of a "post-modern family" to the extreme. According to NBC, "These days, families come in all forms: single dads, double moms, sperm donors, egg donors, one-night-stand donors... It's 2012 and anything goes." Oh, my god, that's just hyssssterical!

Bryan & David are a Los Angeles gay couple who are just pining away for a baby. They hook up with Goldie, "a Midwestern waitress & single mother looking to escape her dead-end life," who moves to L.A. with her precocious 8-year-old daughter to become their surrogate.

Add in Emmy-winning developer Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck) and a cast the includes Justin Bartha (The Hangover I & II), Andrew Rannells (Broadway's The Book of Mormon) and Emmy and Tony Award winning actor Ellen Barkin.

You know what? It sounds dreadful. First, the fact that a gay couple can't survive without raising a kid... irritating. Second, any show that includes a"precocious 8-year-old" is an instant turn-off. Pushing boundaries is one thing. Silly, opportunistic ideas for a Modern Family rip-off are quite another.

Then again, the fact that "One Million Moms" has targeted the show for attack... I wouldn't mind being wrong, and seeing it turn into a gargantuan hit, just to spite the homophobic organization. *