Saturday, July 14, 2012

At Last: William Levy Lines Up A Hollywood Film Project: 'Boom Town'

At last... William Levy has been cast in a Hollywood film. Scheduled for release in the summer of 2013, he will star in Boom Town, alongside Chris Molina, Chris Cooper and Danny Trejo. The "western drama" will have Will in the role of businessman Diego Coronado, who has an 8 year old daughter, Chloe (yawn!!).

Levy says of the flick, "I love Boom Town because it is a love story between a man and a woman, and about the unbreakable obligation between a parent and child. This is about a man whose daily struggle to become a hero is something we all dream of when we are kids." (Uh, I'm not sure that quite made it out of Spanish into English... kind of makes little sense, eh?)

The film is set in Tijuana in 1905, when it was considered a fashionable place of the Old West, where there was plenty of drinking, gambling and women. Coronado's (Levy) tranquility is disturbed when his daughter is kidnapped and the bar is robbed, which calls on a band of gunmen to rescue Chloe.

Director Oscar Torres says that Boom Town "is a great story that will appeal to men and women alike. The men love the action and women love the charm and talent that someone like William Levy brings to the big screen." Hey, Oscar. Don't doubt for a minute that there are plenty of men also loving William's charm and talent! *