Monday, July 23, 2012

There Is No Good To Come From Owning A Gun

Despite hailing from the South, I've never understood the reasoning behind any individual wanting or needing to own a gun. What good is ever going to come from it? I was taken aback to find this advert in the August/September 2012 issue of Garden & Gun magazine... which is kind-of sort-of like a modern-generation Southern Living.

The pub's title is meant to be ironic and it's a fine periodical about food & travel and such... but seeing this ad on page 9 in the current issue is jarring, if not wholly disturbing: "Childhood Dreams Can Come True." The idea that passing your giant killer rifle down from generation to generation... and teaching your kids to be proud of ownership is more like a nightmare, if you ask me.

This may be the only time that I actually agree with NYC Mayor Bloomberg, who has always been an opponent of semi-automatic weapons, and is renewing his call for a nationwide ban. *