Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Counting Down The 2012 Mid-Year Hits, Volume I

Traditions... Oh, those few things we hold onto and treasure. For the past 150+ years, Bobby, Timmy and I have been counting down our top songs of the year... in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, in Jersey City and Fire Island... and along the way there have been many invited guests.

On Saturday, we returned to roots as a trio to count down our Top 25 mid-year 2012 smasheroos here in Brooklyn Heights.

Thank god we met at 3 p.m., since it took nine-plus hours, all said and done, with plenty of vodka and gin to keep the gullet moist. First up... A walk along the Heights Promenade with Abby & Spencer and a visit to the rooftop of my building. *This photo above merited a new Facebook profile pic...